Passion and commitment to

Highest Quality

The Hundsdorfer family is driven by their love for nature and generations of wine culture - the best possible raw material for great wines. The aim is to express the terroir of the wine region in Neckenmarkt as best as possible in order to create a unique. They aim for the best possible expression of the Neckenmarkt wine region terroir, to create a unique wine experience.

20 Hektar
Mica slate, shell limestone, loam and loess soils
98% Red, 2% White
Family business
new structured in 2001


The composition of mica slate, shell limestone as well as loam and loess soils are perfect for wine and a characteristic taste


The Pannonian climate of Central Burgenland presents perfect ripening conditions


Mainly red wine cultivation. According to the leading variety of the area, Hundsdorfer Winery specializes in Blaufränkisch wines


  • Classic, traditionally matured in large oak barrels and tanks
  • Reserve, Small oak-barrel aged, depending on variety, vintage and ripeness


20 Hektar Rebfläche


  • Austrian Wine Salon, Multiple distinctions and awards
  • First in Burgenland to win 3 regional business titles (Landessieger) in one year


Renowned wine region

In Neckenmarkt, dort wo die markanten Hügel schon erkennen lassen, dass großartige Weine entstehen, betreibt die Familie Hundsdorfer auf einer Fläche von 20 Hektar vorwiegend Rotweinanbau.

The local speciality


The Pannonian climate and characteristic regional soil composition (mica slate, shell lime, loam and loess) offer the optimal ripening conditions for Blaufrankisch.

Traditional & special

Maturation, two ways

At Hundsdorfer Winery, our traditional wines are matured classically in large oak barrels and tanks. For Reserves, such as our house speciality wines, we use small oak barrels, aged depending on variety, vintage and ripeness.

Award winning wines

Highest consumption

Successes at tastings and wine salons testify to the consistent excellence of Weingut Hundsdorfer. With every vintage, we continue to improve, just like our wines.

Vienna Wine Salon nomination and WINNNER, 2008, 2013 and 2018. “Grand-Cru-Sieger” award by “A la Carte” magazine. Falstaff variety winner, and many more awards, underline the overarching commitment to quality at Weingut Hundsdorfer.

In 2012, Weingut Hundsdorfer was the first business in Burgenland to achieve 3 regional wine awards (Landessieger) in one year.

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Lange Zeile 10, 7311 Neckenmarkt

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