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Anton Hundsdorfer
Vintner and Cellar Master


Viticulture School of Eisenstadt
Master Craftsman in Viticulture and Oenology
Master Craftsman in Agriculture

Anton is responsible for vineyard operations and the vinification of the wine in the cellar. For him, wine is a lifestyle, to which he has dedicated his full attention and treats in a most loving way. He takes great care of and keeps continuous observation of the vines in order to handle any issue that may arise.

His motto: “Quality begins in the vineyard, in the cellar the product is only refined and finished.”

Ing. Elisabeth Hundsdorfer


Diploma for Home Economics and Agriculture

Economic Education for Home Economics Studies and Consulting

Elisabeth is responsible for office administration, customer relations and is always available to offer help when it is needed. 20 hours a week she works for the Burgenland Department of Agriculture, working in Nutrition, Buschenschank, and Family. Continual education through seminars and courses are extremely important to her, in order to stimulate advances in wine economics.

The native Styrian only knew that wine came in red and white, but has learned much from her husband Anton, and through tastings she has learned to love wine and the knowledge that comes with it. After completing a sommelier course in Klosterneuburg, she is involved in the Federal Department for Viticulture in Eisenstadt.

“If you are interested in something, you can learn and achieve anything.”


Son Anton 1987

Student of the Higher Level Secondary School for Wine and Fruit Production in Klosterneuburg, and collected valuable experience at the wineries Gager, Gesellmann, and Villa Trasqua in Tuscany.

Bachelor of Science in Oenology, Viticulture and Wine Economics, and a Master of Science in Food Technology. After successfully completing his studies, Anton went to South Africa for three months to work at Constantia Glen and to gain more experienceWhen he’s not working at the winery, Anton works in Food-Diagnostics.

Son Lukas 1990

Graduated from the Vino-HAK in Neusiedl/See, a cooperation between the Viticulture School of Eisenstadt and HAK Neusiedl/See. Lukas’s internship was at the Heinrich Winery in Deutschkreutz. Lukas has worked since 2010 at the winery, delivering his full ability and enthusiasm. Lukas is a terrific taster with natural talent. Most importantly, his work at the winery is fun when the requirements for highest-quality are achieved.

Last winter he also completed the Master Craftsman certification for Viticulture and Oenology.